Arcane Objects

Purveyors of fine antiques, inspired vintage and curated goods.

Arcane Objects sells unique vintage, antique items and goods with a highly curated sensibility. Among our "objects arcane" are newly created items and toys that reflect a sense of the past. Products we carry include: phrenology heads, Native American artifacts, military trench art, vintage military items, puppets, vintage ceramics, vintage kinetic & optical toys, vintage games, antique medicine and poison bottles, antique eyeglasses, compasses and vintage pull-down maps.

Some of our items

Remington 5

Vintage Technology

We buy and sell obsolete but beautiful technology.

This includes typewriters, phonographs, gramophones, speakers, motion picture cameras & projectors, vintage cameras and equipment, wax cylinder dictaphones, magic lanterns and anything with a lens.

Where to buy

Arcane Objects now has a brick & mortar location!

You can visit Arcane Objects' booth in the Petaluma Collective antique store. Located at 300 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952. Hours are 10am to 5:30pm seven days a week!

We sell in person at some antique fairs in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our next show will be the Petaluma Antiques Faire located in downtown Petaluma, CA on Sunday April 27th 9am - 4pm.

Map Loupe

<Mid-Century Paintings


One half of the husband and wife Arcane Objects team was raised in a house that was full of mid-century furniture and art. This aesthetic has strongly rubbed off. We love this stuff and know that you will too. We specialize in mid-century oil and watercolor paintings. We also carry barware, kitchenware, clocks, vintage craft books vintage costume jewelry and decor.

Vacuum Tubes

Maker Bits

As we're crawling through estate sale basements, flea markets, garage sales and junkyards - we may find a piece and think "someone could really make something cool with this!" In the past we've acquired parts from old gas lamps, broken pocket watches, vacuum tubes, old gears, vintage bingo cards and various other odds & ends that might work for jewelers, crafters and artists.

Silver Age Marvel Comic Books

Fine-geekery & Collectibles

We also carry vintage comic books and since are semi-fluent in Elvish, "Lord of the Rings" collectibles, Magic the Gathering cards and other examples of much sought-after fine-geekery.

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