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Arcane Objects sells unique vintage and antique items, vintage technology and goods with a highly curated sensibility.
typewriters, vintage cameras, antique photography equipment, mid-century art, dictaphones, phonographs, record players, opera glasses, antique binoculars, phrenology heads, vintage inkwell, pen set, feather pen set, aeronautical reproductions, hot air balloon model, Native American artifacts, military trench art, vintage military items, steiff puppets, puppets, vintage ceramics, antique kinetic toys, optical toys, vintage games, antique medicine bottles, poison bottles, antique eyeglasses, compasses, pull-down maps
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Purveyors of fine antiques, inspired vintage and curated goods.

Typewriters are our specialty


This includes typewriters, phonographs, gramophones, speakers, motion picture cameras & projectors, vintage and antique cameras and equipment, wax cylinder dictaphones, magic lanterns and anything with a lens.

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Aeronautical objects


Arcane Objects sells unique vintage, antique items and goods with a highly curated sensibility. Among our “objects arcane” are newly created items and toys that reflect a sense of the past.

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  • Manuscript Calligraphy Artists Set
    Calligraphy Sets are Back in Stock

    Our very popular Calligraphy Sets had mostly sold out, but we’re receiving more in stock right now. There is still time to receive one before Christmas! We enjoy the art of hand-lettering, and in 2017 will be releasing many more calligraphy sets in our Etsy......

  • Malibu Potteries Bookends
    Tipsy Monks – California Art Pottery Bookends

    Tipsy Monk Bookends – These extremely rare California Art Pottery bookends were made by the short-lived Arts & Crafts company Malibu Potteries. The company was founded by May Knight Rindge in 1926 but burned in late 1931 and closed in 1932. We’re offering them for......

  • Vintage Kodak Stereo Camera
    Vintage Kodak Stereo Camera

    Our newest Etsy listing is the Kodak Stereo Camera was a 35mm film stereo camera produced by the Eastman Kodak Company between 1954 and 1959. This camera has two lenses to take twin shots of scenes. These stereo images were meant to be shown on......


Objects we carry include: phrenology heads, and inkwells, Native American artifacts, military trench art, vintage military items, puppets, vintage ceramics, vintage kinetic & optical toys, vintage games, antique medicine and poison bottles, antique eyeglasses, compasses and vintage pull-down maps. New to the Etsy store will be vintage pipes and ties.

We carry antique reproductions such as Hot Air Balloon models, gorgeous pen & ink sets, paper parasols, model ships and much more. We also like anything aeronautical and anything with a lens! For more info on what we may have in stock, check out our Shop page.

Bausch & Lomb Microscope
Arcane Objects booth at a street fair.


We currently sell at antique faires and some events and street fairs in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We occasionally sell on eBay as well. We’ve listed some items on our Etsy store.Visit our blog to see what we’ve listed. You can also see some of our antique reproduction items for sale on our Shop page.


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