Arcane Objects

Arcane Objects sells unique vintage, antique items and goods with a highly curated sensibility. Among our “objects arcane” are newly created items and toys that reflect a sense of the past.

We also sell quality art materials, ink and calligraphy sets. From phrenology heads to Native American artifacts, we source unique and unusual antiques and vintage items.

We sell what we love, and we love vintage typewriters, antique inkwells, antique and vintage cameras, antique brass microscopes, antique opera glasses, vintage puppets, vintage ceramics, vintage kinetic & optical toys, vintage games, antique poison bottles, antique eyeglasses, compasses and vintage pull-down maps.

We hope you enjoy the highly curated finds in our Etsy Shop!

Brands We Sell

We source quality Art Materials and products from these international manufacturers.

The Latest From Our Blog

Visit our blog to see the latest product listings; plus opinions, tutorials and reviews about art materials, calligraphy supplies, typewriters, books and antiques.