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Arcane Objects

Arcane Objects sells eclectic antique items and goods with a highly curated sensibility. Among our “objects arcane” are newly created fine stationery goods and office items which reflect a sense of the past.

We also sell quality art materials, dip pens and calligraphy sets. From quality fountain pen friendly journals to fine fountain pen ink, calligraphy ink, wax seal stamps and wax sticks, we carry a large array of vintage inspired creativity supplies.

We sell what we love, and we love vintage typewriters, antique inkwells, antique and vintage cameras, antique brass microscopes, antique opera glasses, vintage musical gear, vintage ceramics, magnifying glasses, antique drafting sets, antique eyeglasses and other antique scientific instruments. Basically we sell anything you can write or draw with and anything antique with a lens!

UnderwoodUniversal Typewriter
We sell anything you can write or draw with, anything with a lens, unique antiques, and curated products printed with our unique designs.

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