About Us

Royal Barlock No. 10 Typewriter Keyboard
Antique Kodak No. 1A Pocket Camera

Arcane Objects is run by John and Carlene, a creative couple who live like “wild Bohemians” (according to Carlene’s Mother), in the San Francisco Bay Area. They delight in old, mysterious, and oftentimes dusty “arcane” objects.

Their home is full of interesting items, many of which would give nightmares to small children and the superstitious. Carlene and John like to collect and sell the things that they hope to see in antique stores but rarely do.

“Arcane Objects,” or as the French might say, “objects mystérieux,” are items, typically antique, that come from the fringes of yesterday’s society.

Arcane Objects Team

We’re tech workers by day and also amateur musicians. We met while making an indie documentary in Los Angeles. (We play ukulele, banjo, guitar, mountain and hammered dulcimer, and piano.) One of us a also a fine artist/designer, knitter and writer, and the other is into Eurorack synth stuff and music producing.

Arcane Objects is the best side hustle we’ve ever had.