Antique Jeu De Course Horse Racing Game

New to our Etsy Store is this gorgeous antique mechanical Jeu de Course horse racing game. Priced at $380.00 we offer free shipping to the continental US.

This Jeu de Course is a Mechanical Horse Racing game made in France in around the 1890’s. The game consists of four petite (little) metal horses with jockeys that spin around a central track after a metal crank is pulled. The first horse to cross the French flag finish line wins!

This game is in excellent condition. It works perfectly! It looks like someone stored it in a closet for the past 90 years or so. There is some minor staining on the “grass” felt surface, and some of the cardboard corners on the box are split slightly. Considering its age, this game is a beauty!

This was intended as a parlour game, sort of a home variant of roulette. The little horses are in excellent condition with nary a chip in the paint. The flagpole and French flag have been replaced with a DIY fix. I’ve yet to see one of these completely intact with flag and flagpole. I’m sure that they’re out there – but we’ve reduced the price accordingly.

The game rests on its box lid, and is very compact when put together. The game itself is 8.5″ square on the sides and the box “course” is 2.25″ high. When sitting on its lid, the entire game is 5″ tall. Perfect for a small corner in your games parlour!

Here is a link to a video we created of this horse racing game in action.

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