Exclusive Calligraphy Kits

Exclusive Calligraphy Kits

Arcane Objects would like to announce that we are developing our very own exclusive Calligraphy Kits. These will range from simple sets of antique nibs, to elaborate and complete calligraphy kits with dip pens, vintage nibs, glass pens and wax seal stamps. We’ll be soon unveiling our first “Glow in the Dark” calligraphy kit featuring Phosphorescent Ink and glass pens. (Sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to find out when we announce this kit.)

We are offering a set of four antique, unused, calligraphy nibs in a pack for Spencerian/Copperplate writing.

These particular pen nibs are what we call in the antiques biz, “new” old-stock. This means that they are genuine antique pen nibs, but have never been used.

This starter set includes four antique but unused calligraphy pen nibs mounted on a card.

Calligraphy pen nibs included are:
• One (1) Parrot No. 1576 Bulb Point Nib
• One (1) Blanzy Poure “F” nib
• One (1) Blanzy Poure No. 605 Henry Superiore Nib
• One (1) D. Leonardt & Co. No. 5750EF Nib

These dip pen nibs are fine point with varying degrees of flexibility. Perfect for flourishes and the flowing cursive of Spencerian, Copperplate, and Modern Calligraphy.

The Parrot company was an American manufacturer of pen nibs based in New York. Blanzy Poure was a French manufacturer of quality pen nibs. D. Leonardt Co. nibs are still being manufactured from Birmingham, England by Manuscript. Although, these particular nibs are antique and were made for the French market.

We recommend that you wash the nibs in warm soapy water before using for the first time. This is because there may still be oily residue from the manufacturing process on these nibs. (Yes, even 100 years later, these nibs are still “fresh!”)

Arcane Objects searches the world for unique and high-quality art materials and supplies. We were lucky to find a supply of complete, antique pen nib boxes and are happy to offer them to our customers.

We’ll be offering three more calligraphy nib sets for the following hands: Unical/Roman, Ornamental, and Modern Calligraphy.

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