Calligraphy Sets are Back in Stock

Manuscript Calligraphy Artists Set

Our very popular Calligraphy Sets had mostly sold out, but we’re receiving more in stock right now. There is still time to receive one before Christmas! We enjoy the art of hand-lettering, and in 2017 will be releasing many more calligraphy sets in our Etsy Shop.

We’ve begun buying fine antique writing implements such as silver and gold-filled pencils, fountain pens and more antique inkwells. The shop’s inventory has been somewhat deleted by the big holiday rush – but we’ll be stocking up and posting many more calligraphy sets and handwriting-related items in 2017.

These calligraphy and fine writing implements will be perfect ways to spend that Christmas money! Visit our Etsy Shop, to see what we’ve posted. And please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see our newest postings. We also have a fine Pinterest Board collection where we not only post our items, but other fantastic antique “arcane” objects from the interwebs.

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