Arcane Objects would like to announce that we’ve just opened our first stand-alone online shop! This e-commerce site is powered by Etsy, so you can rest assured that your transactions will be processed securely. Unlike our Etsy Shop, you can check out as a guest in our new online shop and don’t have to join. You can still redeem your coupon codes, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and international currencies in our secure check-out.

Our new shop offers the same quality items as our Etsy shop. (Eventually, this may differ, but for all its the same.)


The e-commerce shop isn’t the only new thing here at Arcane Objects. You may have noticed this shiny new website. We’ll be offering more blog posts with useful information and tutorials on calligraphy, painting, art supplies, hand-lettering, antiques, vintage typewriters and photography with vintage cameras.

As many of you are aware, we specialize in selling vintage typewriters, vintage cameras and high-quality art materials. We’re introducing a new section to our blog where we’ll let you know which vintage items, antiques and art supplies we’re preparing to post to our shop.

We strive only to offer antiques and vintage items which are clean and in working condition. Unfortunately, when we purchase these items, they have frequently been sitting forgotten in a cellar, barn, garage or closet and are usually dirty and not-working! There are only of two of us running this shop, and one of us has another “day job.” It takes a bit of time to clean, repair and photograph our antiques and vintage items. (Especially the typewriters.) And for cameras and typewriters, we have to test them to make sure that they’re in working condition. (In the case of the cameras, we’ll tell you if we aren’t sure.)

And hence, our “queue” of objects we’ve purchased, but have yet to post to our shop.

What's in the Queue


Calligraphy Starter Kit

We are busy developing our Calligraphy Starter Kit. We’re also developing about five other calligraphy sets/kits at different price points. Each of these will be cased in a box that looks like an antique leather-bound book. Some will contain wax seal stamps, wax seal sticks, and ink. All will contain a glass pen, a Brause pen nib holder, and a collection of “new” old-stock, (never used), antique nibs from European and American manufacturers. We are sourcing the highest quality ink from France, and our wax seal sticks have are the official sealing wax of England’s Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent.


Antique Cameras

Right now our queue is pretty full of some extremely exciting items. We are busy working on about twelve vintage cameras which we’ll be releasing to our shop in a few weeks. These include many antique, early Kodak bellows cameras and an 1890s Graflex Camera.


Vintage Typewriters

As soon as we’ve finished cleaning and photographing these cameras, we’ll be moving on to our collection of roughly a dozen vintage and antique typewriters. These vary from an extremely rare, and working, Royal No. 1, to some colorful mid-century typewriters. We’ll only sell working typewriters that can be used. One note about these typewriters, they sell out quickly! We’ll be sure to announce when we’re releasing these in our blog and also through our newsletter and in our social media channels. You can find links to our social media sites and sign up for our newsletter in the footer of this website.

Thank you so much for visiting our new website and online shop!