Think of the ideal antique store, something from an old film or Diagon Alley, that’s what we’re seeking to achieve with Arcane Objects. We collect/hoard and sell things we hope to see in antique stores but rarely do. Our home is a unique Wunderkammer, (Cabinet of Curiosities.) And, when we find a better representation of an object in the “field”, as it were, we cycle one of our treasures into our store.

Sometimes our antiques are hard to classify. We are discriminating buyers and only seek out unique objects that reflect the time period in which they were created. Our shop is highly curated and may contain reproduction items alongside centuries-old antiques. (But we’ll always let you know if something is a reproduction.)

“I myself delve into very arcane things.” ~ Christopher Guest

We carry Phrenology heads, vintage ephemera, vintage souvenirs, antique office supplies and equipment as well as antique wine openers. (We live in wine country, after all.)

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