It’s wonderful to hold and object that is over 200 years old that is still perfectly usable for it’s intended purpose. Plus they make fantastic Steampunk costume pieces!

Eyeglasses were first used in Italy in the 1200’s. From Lorgnettes, Pince Nez to eighteenth century Ben Franklins, we carry antique eyeglasses for all of your costuming or decorating needs. Antique spyglasses remind us of a time when these were part of the standard kit of the nineteenth century military officer. We also sell, antique spyglasses, opera glasses, eyeglasses and magnifiers of all types.

“The greatest magnifying glasses in the world are a man's own eyes when they look upon his own person.” ~ Alexander Pope


We think that vintage and antique binoculars and opera glasses are lovely with their delicate brass, leather or gold-filled fittings. They remind us of an era when ladies wore gowns and opera gloves to the theatre and opera.


Modern collectors use them as home decor, costume pieces, or many of our customers have been taken in by the allure of these delicate items and have started their own collections.

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