Because we're artists we offer quality painting supplies and art supplies. As a former professional illustrator and fine artist with gallery representation, I've come across many painting supplies. I also ran an art supply store for a large Art University in San Francisco. Through my experience and connections, I've learned which art supplies are of the highest quality and will yield great results.

We won't sell any art supply we wouldn't use ourselves. These art materials are usually sourced from smaller companies who have been creating their products for sometimes hundreds of years. Our painting supplies are made by the same companies that were used by DiVinci, Van Gogh, and Cézanne to purchase their art supplies. We figure if it was good enough for them, we're proud to offer them to you.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ~ Pablo Picasso

We're busy expanding our selection of painting supplies. Currently, we offer a very fine Sennelier watercolor travel pallet. Our watercolor blocks are from Fabriano, (the world's oldest paper company). These papers are of the highest quality, and can be used for calligraphy, watercolors, drawing, ink work, you name it. Keep checking back, as we'll be adding more fine painting supplies and kits in the near future.

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