From Vacuum tubes, WWII flight gauges and antique brass microscopes, the sheer number of antique scientific instruments Arcane Objects have bought and sold over the years is staggering. We can’t pass them up, and neither apparently can our customers.

Perhaps its the aesthetic of another age and the shiny brass or the possibility of combining these devices into modern Steampunk-esque decor or art.

“Without precise measurement we cannot have scientific certainty. Therefore, exactitude is a fundamental duty of those who dabble in the learned fields; most importantly: exactitude in reckoning and burnsides grooming.” ~ Doctor Pedachenko, Godthåb, Greenland 1889


We recently acquired a slew of small field brass microscopes. It brings to mind an eighteenth century naturalist tramping through the bush, taking samples, viewing them in the microscope and sketching them in his or her field journal. Of course this naturalist would have a map gauge and brass pocket compass as well. Perhaps some binoculars too, and naturally, he or she is wearing a top hat.

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