Rochester Optical Premo Camera

Rochester Optical Premo Camera

This Rochester Optical Premo 5 x 7 Large Format Camera was manufactured by Rochester Optical Camera Manufacturing Company in around 1895. This camera is made of mahogany wood with a leather case and brass fittings and features a telephoto lens. The lens is in very good shape, and the red leather bellows seem to be light tight. It’s missing a negative plate holder. (But you can easily find these online.)

This camera is relatively rare, and it’s difficult to find one in such good condition. The case closes completely, and the handle is intact. It has a hole on the bottom for attachment to a tripod. Folded this camera is 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 9.5″. It is made for shooting 5 x 7 plates.

We’re selling this magnificent piece of photographic history for $250 on Etsy. Free shipping to the continental U.S.

To learn more about this camera follow this link.


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