The Best Antiques on eBay We Wish We Could Afford

What are the Coolest Antiques on Ebay During the Week of Sept. 1st?

(To view the items on eBay, click on the links below.)

1. An Antique Carousel Elephant from a Coney Island Carousel.

2. While we’re focusing on Carousels – there is a very rare Church Racing Derby horse available as well.

3. Or you could purchase your very own Cave Bear skeleton. That’s Ursus Spelaeus to you and me. This is the genuine article and is only 780,000 to 20,000 years old.

4.  An Antique book of Palmistry, Chiromancy, Astrology Divination Prognosticae and Physiognomy from 1697. (Did you know that Chiromancy is just a fancy-pants way of saying “Palm Reading?”)

5. And last but not least, a fantasticly rare Odell No. 4 linear typewriter from the 1890’s.


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